Laura De Benedetti writer and journalist

Laura De Benedetti, author of THE RIGHT WORLD, is a writer, blogger and journalist, and is a women’s civil rights activist.

Laura De Benedetti was born in Milan, Italy, in 1966. A professional journalist, since 1998 she is the correspondent for the daily newspaper Il Giorno. On her website she writes about the ‘wrong world’ of today.

Special mention for the “The right world”
at the International Award “In the footsteps of Ada Negri”

With the feminist movement ‘If not now, when?’ (Se non ora, quando? Snoq Lodi), she promotes events and initiatives (conferences, exhibitions, book presentations, video interviews, courses, marches). Among these, every February 14th, the worldwide One Billion Rising flash mob, the professional updating course with the Order of journalists of Lombardy (Italy) ‘How the media tell the differences’, the Wikidonne (Wikiwomen) course for the ‘women in red’ Wikipedia campaign that aims to reduce the female gender gap in the digital encyclopedia. She is a member of the italian Women Toponymy association (Toponomastica Femminile)

Virginia Woolf Project– ViWoP

Il logo del Virginia Woolf Project ViWoP

Laura De Benedetti has conceived and is promoting, from 2019, with Giulia Bortolini the Virginia Woolf Project – ViWoP, in the italian and english version, which aims to collect the feminist legacy of the famous english writer.
The many women “crowded in the shadows” of all nationalities have a space to tell their stories, through diaries or novels. The goal is to create, on the website, a large fresco of the female of this era.

Giulia Bortolini and Laura De Benedetti

International Trompe l’Oeil Festival

On a creative level, Laura De Benedetti conceived the International Trompe l’Oeil Festival, the only one of this kind in the world, and realized it, between 2002 and 2010, with Primaluce, the association she presided over.

The Festival brought artists from all over the world to Lodi, promoting exhibitions (Teatro alla Scala, stylist Roberta di Camerino), competitions, conferences and workshops (with Graham Rust, one of the most famous trompe l’oeil artists in the world)

Credits – awards

Professional journalist registered with the Order of Journalists of Lombardy (Italy), reporter for a daily newspaper, lives in Lodi (Italy).
Author of the book ‘Il giusto mondo’ – ‘The right world’ Blogger:

2012 – Special mention for the book The right world, in the italian version ‘Il giusto mondo’, at the International Award “In the footsteps of Ada Negri” – narrative section
2014 – Special mention in the contest of ‘Giulia Journalists’ on the theme ‘Concilia? Between work, care and time for oneself’ with the image ‘The conciliation in one hand’ – photo section
2015 and 2016– Diploma of participation in ‘Digital Women’ organized by Ewmd – European Women’s Management Development
2015 – Diploma for training course ‘Language, gender identity and Italian language’ attested by Cà Foscari University of Venice
2015 – First prize in the contest of ‘Giulia Journalists’ for the video: “Electric women – Light, nourishment, energy” Video by Giulia Bortolini and Laura De Benedetti
2017 Diploma for training course ‘Gender-based violence in the context of migration’ attested by European Inter-University Center for Human Rights and Democratisation

The right world, in the italian original version ‘Il giusto mondo’ was chosen and published on its debut by the Excogita publishing house in Milan, Italy, between 30 November 2011 and 30 November 2018 (copies are now sold out).
Since 2015 it has been published as an ebook on the platform but you can find it on all major digital book stores including Amazon, Apple Ibooks Store, Ibs, Kobo books – Mondadori, Google Play Libri, La Feltrinelli.

Since 2020 it has been published as an ebook in the english version too.
Read here how to buy it in the english version.
Read here how to buy it in the italian version.