The story

In the novel, through the police investigation into femicide, The right world, in which language is feminine and women are leading the species’ evolution, is revealed.
The image of human perfection is the Vitruvian woman.
It was a woman who died on the cross. Men call for equal opportunities. Women who become mothers conquer the most prestigious levels in the workplace.
Utopia? Dystopia? Just The right world. A place that, like a mirror able to reverse gender roles, oscillating between interrogations and international peace talks, male prostitution and fairy tales told to the girls, scenes of domestic life and matriarchal fundamentalism, appears plausible in its ordinary daily life

Laura De Benedetti talks about The right world

“She was seeking redemption:
she wanted the right thing
for the wrong reason”

A matriarchal society

The right world. It is a world of women. The female gender led to the evolution of humanity, as symbolized by the cover image of the novel: The Vitruvian Woman, created by Paola De Benedetti on Leonardo da Vinci’s model Vitruvian Man, to represent human perfection

The Vitruvian Woman by Paola De Benedetti
The Vitruvian Woman – the Woman of Vitruvio by Paola De Benedetti

Women decide whether and when to have daughters, with or without men. Religion and society expect them to remain virgins, which means independent. 
The highest spiritual authority confirms this; you can get it from the fairy tales told to the girls. 
If women do not generate life, they cannot make a career
Marriage is banned because it is considered synonymous with the sterility of the species. Language is feminine. It is a woman who died on the cross.

Men call for equal opportunities

Men do the humblest jobs, ask for equal social opportunities. 
The costs of crimes and vandalism are withheld from their payroll. 
In the most backward countries, where matriarchal fundamentalism is law, they live in semi-slavery conditions.

The female instance in the mirror

But the novel does not present itself as a futuristic utopia (or dystopia, depending on the reader’s gaze). It is the simple reflection of the current world, which returns to us from a mirror capable of reversing gender roles.

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